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Egistix Everest is an integrated SAAS solution helping clients monitor market positions & credit exposures by managing wholesale energy transactions from execution to final settlement.

Physical TRM Lifecycle - Simple.png

Key Functionality

Transaction Management: The ability to manage an extensive range of transactions, both financial and physical, from deal creation through delivery and settlement.


Straight Through Processing (STP): Ability to manage and control all touchpoints between trade entry, invoicing and settlement.


Regulatory, Risk Management, and Reporting: Quantifying and reporting multiple risks, from administrative, contract, credit- or counterparty-related through market- and price-related risks, risks related to the physical aspect of delivery, and risks related to compliance with regulatory requirements.


Position Management and Reporting: The ability to reflect the status of your organization’s commodity profile from both a physical and a financial perspective.

Inventory Management: Managing inventory balancing, valuation, presentation, and settlement.

Scheduling, Logistics, and Delivery: Scheduling/delivering energy commodities from forecast to physical delivery.

Integration: Platform integration with complementary business critical corporate solutions to drive efficiency. Out-of-box integration capabilities for loading volumetric, trade and pricing data. Deep experience integrating with corporate ERP’s such as Dynamix AX/365, SAP and Oracle as well as field production management systems.

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